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Reach 2023: Foundations for the future

Emerging Young Leaders stands on the shoulders of believers committed to our mission of developing the next generation of leaders. Throughout our history, we have united as one to focus on our future and take action to ensure God’s command to "Go and make disciples" not just within our walls, but within nations as well.  Now it’s time to join together again to impact our community, city and world through EYL REACH 2023: Foundations for the Future! 

Reaching the next generation:

Reaching and mentoring young people has been a goal of EYL since its foundation and it's a goal we will continue to strive towards as we build up future leaders and followers of Christ. Reach 23 will provide an incredible opportunity to create an engaging environment for the young generation to learn about the servant leader. Investing in future leaders means investing in young adults. Through Reach 23 we will work to build a strong community of young adult small groups throughout India who are equipped and employed to share Christ at home, work, schools, colleges and in their communities.

Who will you Reach?

We know that God works through us when we take steps of obedience, and that we cannot do this alone! The prayers, gifts and work of many can make tremendous tasks possible, and we thank you for considering reaching the world with us.

EYL is looking for 12 committed, passionate and godly leaders in each state of India and in the nations we reach out to. These 12 volunteers will pray, mentor the next generation of leaders and support our mission. EYL leadership will train and equip them with resources so that you can pass on this vision to the next generation.

Community / city / world

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