Mentoring Tomorrows Leaders Today



Emerging Young Leaders is committed to be a catalyst for character-based leadership development that will move young leaders from trends to setting them.


Directors Message

Dear friends,

God has strategically placed Emerging Young Leaders mission on the front line of youth ministry for such a time as this. We live in perilous times and God has given EYL the profound responsibility and remarkable opportunity to help shape the lives of thousands of students and young adults.

EYL would be glad to partner with your church and institution to provide an excellent life-transforming experience to young leaders, Parents and teachers.

EYL conducts leadership & mentor training programs. Here are 3 reasons why I am inviting your church and institution to choose EYL’s training programs:
1. Time : Practical, hands-on, go home and do it now training. Time to debrief, ask questions and process information.
2. Relevance : EYL training programs address specific and contextual issues that are relevant to today`s young people and empowers leaders to mentor effectively to this generation.
3. Connection: EYL’s training programs are handled by experienced resource personnel who motivate and help build relationships of mutual support and accountability.

I am confident that those participating in EYL training programs will receive a wealth of information, field-tested ideas, resources and tools , and will be renewed, re-visioned, and will have a re-energized focus on studies and emerge as responsible servant leaders of the future.

With you in the learning journey,

Samuel Balachander